SAS® Visual Analytics brings The Power To Know to business users, enabling them to visually explore data quickly to see patterns and trends… and identify opportunities on the fly. With SAS® Visual Analytics you can:

  • Empower everyone with advanced analytics. Users of all skills levels can conduct fast, thorough explorations on all available data. Forecast the future. Experiment with different scenarios. Analyse text data. Discover your best options and make more precise decisions, all with no coding required.
  • Answer complex questions faster. SAS® Visual Analytics uses in-memory analytics to provide extremely fast results, meaning users can quickly identify areas of opportunity or concern, even among billions of rows of data.
  • Drive collaboration and information sharing. Encourage conversations around your organisation’s data by making information easily accessible, be that through Microsoft Office applications, mobile or the web, whilst allowing IT to maintain control of the underlying data and security.
  • Deliver self-service capabilities on an enterprise wide level. SAS® Visual Analytics enables many users to visually explore and analyse huge volumes of data – all at the same time. This gives users across multiple departments or lines of business an unprecedented way to discover new insights and solve complex problems faster than ever.