Zhaozhi Qian


Talk Abstract: Marketing freemium Apps with the help of machine-learning. Zhaozhi will talk about two data science problems in the context of marketing: Churn Prediction and Customer Lifetime Value Prediction. Through these two examples, he will highlight the special considerations for marketing freemium products and some general thoughts on how to design production-ready machine-learning systems.

Bio: Since he joined King in 2016, Zhaozhi has been working on applying rigid scientific thinking to marketing, a field dominated by creativity and imagination. Zhaozhi spends lots of time understanding player behaviour, fighting off fraudsters, and making sure the campaigns are ROI positive. If Zhaozhi is not waiting for his hive query to finish or groaning about undocumented code, he must be cooking up the next system that streamlines marketers’ workflow and helps them make more informed decisions.

Thursday April 19th , 2018
6:00 pm-
9:30 pm
Data Science Festival Day 4 - King (Ballot ticket only) An evening at King. Best known for developing Candy Crush, the King platform supports 1.5 billion games a day, and 149 million daily active users. Please register for a ballot ticket here: Get Tickets Due to the popularity of Data…