Tom Matcham


Talk Abstract: Building an Automated Analytics System. The talk will be a deep dive on some of the technology Tom’s used to build a system that runs funnel and spend analysis without any prior knowledge of the data. There’s some novel data science being done using techniques which aren’t so popular that he thinks are really valuable.

Bio: Tom quit his mathematics phD in 2012 to make video games personalisation software and hasn’t looked back since. He’s a bit of an all-rounder, having built data warehousing solutions and worked as a games analyst but mainly considers himself a data scientist. Since late 2015, Tom has been working on an automated data scientist to help smaller companies access advanced analytical techniques. Tom now has a prototype working on live data which he is keen to show the World! In the little spare time he gets, Tom likes to moan about how terrible Python is, how slow R is and build his own data processing meta-programming language in C (yes, just plain C).

Thursday April 19th , 2018
6:00 pm-
9:30 pm
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