Jozef Moffat


Talk Abstract: SAS and the new generation Data Scientist. With so many different environments, and many different roles doing different things with different data sources in various different data formats the role of the data scientist just keeps on changing and growing.

Bio: Jozef Moffat is an analytics consultant at SAS UK. He has been working at SAS since 2015 when he joined from university, where he obtained a double major in Statistics and Economics. His final project in university involved being part of a team that constructed a 100 equation econometric model to forecast several different factors of the US economy. At SAS he has worked with many different customers across several industries ranging from utilities to banking. Some of the projects he has worked include building a recommender system for a travel company, forecasting call centre volumes for an insurer, and using Opta data to identify potential transfer targets for a football team!

Monday April 16th , 2018
6:00 pm-
9:00 pm
Data Science Festival Day 1 - SAS (Ballot ticket only) An evening at SAS. Aimed at both experienced data scientists and those taking their first steps in the field. TICKETS HAVE NOW BEEN ALLOCATED TO THIS EVENT Please register for a ballot ticket here: Get Tickets Due to the popularity…