Jessica Van Der Kroef


Talk Abstract: How to spot biases in your datasets. Jessica will be sharing her experience working for one of the biggest social games developers. The second part of her talk will be about a problem that she encountered recently in her work: selection bias. It’s a problem that is often not immediately clear, but has a tendency to creep up on us when we are not paying attention. Jessica will teach us about the different types of selection bias that we should watch out for, and show us how to spot them.

Bio: Jessica Van Der Kroef, a proud Dutchie with a passion for dance and music, moved to London in February 2015. She completed a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in econometrics from the University of Groningen, having written her master’s thesis at the genetics department of University College London. She started working for King as a data scientist intern, and is now a fully-fledged member of the Business Performance Unit in London. Working on live games like Farm Heroes Saga, but also on projects that are still in development, her work involves close interaction with the level designers, developers, and other members of the game team to ensure an optimal experience for our millions of players all over the world.

Thursday April 19th , 2018
6:00 pm-
9:30 pm
Data Science Festival Day 4 - King (Ballot ticket only) An evening at King. Best known for developing Candy Crush, the King platform supports 1.5 billion games a day, and 149 million daily active users. Please register for a ballot ticket here: Get Tickets Due to the popularity of Data…