Florian Doutteau


Talk Abstract: Artificial intelligence and machine learning are buzzwords that have entered the vernacular at many enterprises. And while some have been preoccupied with how AI will transform the way we work, few have managed to realize the full benefits of these technologies. For many, the question is man vs. machine. But this thinking is narrow – indeed, man and machine can work together to create unprecedented breakthroughs in the workforce. In this talk, Florian will discuss the ways in which enterprises can harness AI to exploit new value creation opportunities. Florian will detail the practical means of implementing AI in organizations, provide guidelines on how to make this journey to enterprise AI possible, and how to best prepare for this journey with Dataiku.

Bio: Florian Douetteau Florian is the Chief Executive Officer of Dataiku. Florian started his career at Exalead, an innovative search engine technology company. There, he led a R&D team of 50 brilliant data geeks, until the company was bought by Dassault Systemes in 2010 for $150 million. Florian was then CTO at IsCool, a European leader in social gaming, where he managed game analytics and one of the biggest European cloud setup. Florian also served as freelance Lead Data Scientist in various companies, such as Criteo, the European Advertising leader.

Saturday April 21st , 2018
9:00 am-
5:00 pm
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