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6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

DSF Friday Social & Networking Evening

6:00 pm-
9:00 pm
April 20th , 2018, Friday

Friday night social and networking evening at the Microsoft Reactor, in partnership with Data Idols.

This relaxed evening will offer both the opportunity to wind down with fellow data enthusiasts after a full week of data events, as well as to network with co-attendees and speakers ahead of our Saturday conference.

There will be a relaxed vibe with drinks, food, music, table tennis, arcade games and foosball.

Hope to see you there!

Due to the popularity of Data Science Festival events, we are now allocating event tickets via a random ballot. Registering here enters you into the ticket ballot for the Data Science Festival Social & Networking at the Microsoft Reactor, in partnership with Data Idols, on April 20th 2018, the ballot will be drawn by the 19th April 2018. Those randomly selected will then be e-mailed tickets for the event, with the joining details.


Get Tickets

If you get an allocated ticket, please bring a copy of your paper ticket or your ticket on your phone to the event to check in with your QR code. Tickets are non-transferable.

The Data Science Festival is the first of its kind as the only community led, free to attend Data Science Festival in the UK.


6.00pm – Drinks on arrival

6.15pm – Games & Networking

7:00pm – Food

7.15pm – Games & Networking

9.00pm – Close